Extreme Stimuli Day!

  • Rob at Uneda Eat in Point Arena

The next day after meditation, and meeting some interesting locals in the session, I finally started rolling back on my dissertation –that felt good. I worked on it all day at Jim’s place, and the was up early the next day back at it down the coffee shop. I didn’t know at the time I was about to begin “extreme stimuli day”. Continue reading

Opening Night of The Original Scratch-n-Sniff Variety Show in San Francisco

The Original Scratch-n-Sniff Variety Show Cast in San Francisco

The original Scratch-n-Sniff Variety Show’s debut performance was a bit of a dream come true for me!  Almost 15 years ago, I saw a variety show in San Francisco that spurred my interest in creating one myself.  While I had produced one back in my hometown in Ohio, the experience of creating one in San Francisco was a whole other level.  Oh My Continue reading

The Audium Offers A Very Unique Sound Experience in San Francisco

Another worthy, wacky experience to have in San Francisco awaits you at the Audium-Theatre of Sound-Sculptured Space. “Audium is the only theatre of its kind in the world, pioneering the exploration of space in music. The theatre’s 176 speakers bathe listeners in sounds that move past, over, and under them. ‘Sound sculptures’ are performed in darkness in the 49-seat theatre.”  Even after 40 years, the creator and composer, Stan Shaff, still Continue reading

Live Music Performed on Invented Instruments at SF House Party by Lisa Nelson

Gotta love the live music house party scene in San Francisco! Sometimes you get lucky and happen upon something really, really cool. This was it –an evening of inspired tea and music emanating from intriguing invented instruments. Continue reading