Renegade Camping

On the road again (la, la, la).  Up early, wrote, packed, and headed up to Roaster’s Coffee in Bodega Bay, where I’d come to know and enjoy the Irving family who ran the business.  Steel and I attempted to interview the troupes (I say attempted because our Google Hangout Air live show attempt was fun but no recording seemed to materialize on YouTube).  Fortunately, we did a separate interview using my Ipad so that will be forth coming.  After a fond farewell, I was on the road by 1:30 p.m. and heading back North Continue reading

Then The Entertainment Came to Me (Act I)

The Bodega Bay Dunes campground is the bomb…$5 hike/bike sites, free showers, dish washing area with hot water, internet and cell reception, distant crashing waves and sea lion sounds, great hiking, and less than a mile to a cool coffee shop with to-die-for pastries and a little grocery store just beyond.


I no sooner set up my camp and Bruce from Alaska rolled in Continue reading

A Matter of Perspective

Walker & BlueberryToday I planned to do a big ride day – 50 plus miles, which seemed like a lot for me considering how little riding I’ve actually been doingI As I packed up Steel, I struggled as to whether I was going to bring a cool coffee thermos that I had been given. Continue reading

Us vs. The Raccoons & Rain


Rain! Rain! Rain!  Break in the rain…go!  I packed up all my stuff and took advantage of a small reprieve in the rain to head to the Gualala county campground only about 5 miles from Mary-D back North and only about a mile or so from the quaint seaside town of Gualala.  Fortunately, I had enough time to get my tent set up and a stroll down to the ocean and pick Continue reading

Extreme Stimuli Day!

The next day after meditation, and meeting some interesting locals in the session, I finally started rolling back on my dissertation –that felt good. I worked on it all day at Jim’s place, and the was up early the next day back at it down the coffee shop. I didn’t know at the time I was about to begin “extreme stimuli day”. Continue reading

Unanticipated Point Arena

I was up early and the mystery guy in the tent was gone. It took me about two hours to pack up my campsite and secure everything on to Steel. We cycled with all the gear into Point Arena and stopped back into the food coop/coffee shop. I fully expected that I would not connect with Jim and was prepared to move on after a coffee and quick online connection. I no sooner got my coffee and sat down, and in walked Jim…and so begins my introduction to the town and people who make up Point Arena. Continue reading

Beginning to Connect

This is what it’s all about: Connecting!!…and it’s happening!  My desire was not to move on from place to place each day toward a particular destination  The idea was to let my experiences drive my destinations.  I learned long ago that Continue reading

I Cut The Cord!

I cut the cord and made it to Manchester State Beach Park, only about 20 miles away, but up the steepest grade on Rt. 1 in California (or so I’m told). I did have to walk my bike Continue reading