Now Steve’s Bicycle Stolen! Are You Serious? WT*!

Steve & Bicycle in Yellowstone National Park

Lisa here…
So I had intended to blog about the Stop Bicycle Theft Dialog that happened…and then, ironically Steve’s touring bike got ripped off (behind our home, under a stairwell and locked) and well…WE ARE FRUSTRATED!!  For Steve, that’s the loss of a fine bicycle that has taken him on adventures throughout the world including the one in which we met.  It really is a stinkin shame. Add to the distress, now having to figure if we can afford to replace two bicycles hence thwarting our up coming experiment of living and working remote from our bicycles.


As our motivation builds to be part of stopping bicycle theft efforts, here’s a few notable things we learned at the Stop Bicycle Theft community dialog.
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The Change Up

  • Crossing to the Isle of Wight
  • Entering Yarmouth on Isle of Wight, England
  • Seaside Amusement Park on Isle of those!!!
  • Illuminated Parade in Shanklin
  • Beach rentals on Isle of Wight
  • Shanklin Beach
  • Shanklin bbeach on the Isle of Wight
  • Beautiful Campground on Isle of Wight
  • Awesome German camping neighbors!
  • Steve and I leaving the Isle
  • Rog & Dee & their baby...
  • Fiona...only other solo cycling gal I've met.
  • Foxes everywhere in London...normal?
  • Crossing Tower Bridge in London
  • Small beers at the Nigerian Restaurant
  • The Eye in London
  • Proper English scones!
  • Imax Movie in London

While cycling the Southern coast of the Isle of Wight was pretty (& hilly) and happening upon a nifty luminated carnival parade in Shanklin was cool, I was still struggling to be motivated to both write and engage back fully in my experience.  Sometimes in life a change up is needed…and at my five month point on the bicycle, it seems I needed it more than I realized. That change up came in the form of Continue reading

Three Special Couples on My Turn to Munich

  • Helpful Bavarian cyclist
  • Camping too close to the river
  • Followed Gus to the Lake
  • Nice breakfast!
  • Gunther's got talent!
  • Cool wood heater & cool couple!
  • Outside their cool Bavarian home
  • World Cup Game Viewing camping style
  • Cool Church in Landsberg
  • Such a cute couple!
  • The sweet flower in Steel!
  • Largest Bier Garden in Munich!
  • Riia & Elahu & the amazing risotto!
  • Cute Couple 2 in action!
  • Cycling into Munich craziness
  • Nifty Munich Home
  • Cool Couple 3: Dee & Roger!

I dig twist of fate moments in life –like when a man dressed in wonderfully humorous bavarian cycle wear stopped to ask if I needed assistance. I asked his opinion between two routes towards Munich. He suggested the one that turned out to be a beautiful ride on mostly trails through forested area and along rivers and lakes. Given my surroundings, I opted for another undesignated camping area and set up my tent as close to one can possibly get without actually being in the river. In the end, it was actually too close Continue reading

Liechtenstein & Heaven in Hell

  • I want this trampoline thing in my backyard:)
  • It really is big...absurd.
  • Nice little castle I passed
  • Buttering the stick bread
  • Kitten petting circle
  • New addition to my flag!
  • Mr. I...owner of Ferienhof Maurus camping
  • Camping heaven in Hell
  • Taking turns with the goat!

Ulla is originally from Austria and has many great bicycle adventures under her belt, so she was a great person to get advice from for my next route. She turned me onto the Bodensee-Konigsee Cycling route through Bavaria, Germany. But first, I wanted to make a quick stop in Liechtenstein. It’s the little country squeezed between Switzerland, Continue reading

I Now Have Homemade Plum Jam to Share!

  • Hail storm in Switzerland!
  • Hail...not flowers!
  • This goat came to say
  • Dinner with Andre & Anna-Barbara
  • Awesome Swiss hosts Anna-Barbara & Andre
  • Nice bicycle tour guide that got me back on track
  • Heading into bicycle tunnel at Lake Walensee
  • Inside bicycle tunnel in Switzerland
  • The homemade strawberry rhubarb tort! Amazing!
  • Lake Walensee, Switzerland
  • I drank lots of water cause I always found more fountains to refill
  • More wonderful drinking fountains
  • Switzerland's amazing sign posting!  All routes lead to fun!
  • View from inside castle grounds
  • Ulla out front the Castle hosting the flower festival
  • Cycling Switzerland countryside
  • Fresh flower festival creations
  • Grounds inside the castle
  • Ulla inside the flower festival
  • The Swiss love nomes in their gardens!
  • Beautiful View from Ulla's home...her garden and the Alps
  • Ulla and some other cool gals

I felt rather high leaving Basel after my nice experiences there and with Olivier. I was invited to stay with another Warm Shower’s host, and his girlfriend that evening in the town of Dietikon. It turned out to be another one of those crazy 90+ degree days and I got started late. I was not on the road until 11 am. Despite the frustrating gps route, I cycled through pretty Swiss towns and country sides. One of my favorite things about cycling through Switzerland Continue reading

Finally Cycling in France!

After maneuvering up and down the five (or six depending) flights of winding stairs, I left Paris on Global Women’s Cycling day, a rather rainy day. I was finally packed and underway by early afternoon. Still undecided about whether I would cycle to Fontainebleau about 40 miles south of Paris or take a train, Continue reading

All Signs Point to Europe!

In the aftermath of the crazy freeway days, theft, newly acquired allergies, knee pain, and rain, I am contemplating whether Steel and I should head to Europe. It appears that a number of stars have aligned to encourage me to think that the time is now…or perhaps never. Continue reading

A Little Slice of Paradise

  • Archetype in St. Helena
  • Mike & Wife in Napa Campground
  • Cafe in Culinary Institute
  • Mike's Cool Hammock Lights
  • Wine & Chocolate Pairing
  • Great Coffee in St. Helena
  • River at Campground in Napa Bothe SP

In my short time living in the Bay Area, I’ve had various friends visit and want to experience Napa Valley. I think back to all the time and effort spent trying to put together the perfect trips, including bicycle trips. While each one turned out very nice, what I happened upon on accidentally with Steel was fantastic too. Continue reading

Parades and More Parades!

  • Dean's Coyote Speed Bike
  • Fool's Day Parade Band
  • Apple Blossom Parade in Sebastopol
  • Karma Coffee Gals
  • Occidental Fool's Day Parade Float
  • Exposure at Fool's Day Parade
  • More Fools
  • Bicycle Special at Rooster's Coffee in Forrestville
  • Taylor Maid Farms Coffee
  • Cycling Martinelli Road
  • Hilton less than a mile away


I awoke early at the renegade camping spot -concerned with hightailing it out before being discovered. I broke ate, broke camp, and packed up Steel in record time – one hour! I had never done so in under two.


I had an almost immediate ‘laugh out loud’ moment as I cycled Continue reading