The mission is to create a model university education program that not only provides an exceptional experience for the cycling participants, but also offers effective methods of connecting with inspired community members and assisting people in need.


A diverse group of passionate university students shall come together to spend a semester (three months) cycling into communities throughout the United States.  The program is designed to connect cycling participants with local community members through 1) service projects, 2) collaborative art and music projects, 3) a hands-on interactive “carnival of passions” project, and 4) follow up resources.  The experience aims to provide a rich learning experience for participants, and inspire community members to develop their own passions, and help turn those passions into reality.  

See Program Elements to learn more about the specifics!!


  • Passion inspires passion!
  • Those most in need of help, love, support often are the persons who fall through the cracks.  We aim to find and support those folks.
  • Those who have the least are often giving the most.
  • Often people up to “good” in a community are not part of a larger non-profit, they are just individuals that are inspired to action for one reason or another.  
  • We must take care of the people and world around us – conscious living.
  • Everyone has talents -often unrealized that need to be discovered and supported to blossom.
  • Interactive, hands on learning is the key.
  • Something can be learned from everyone.
  • Celebrate diversity – age, gender, economic, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity makes our world a beautiful place to live.
  • Learning occurs everyday and often through unexpected circumstances, and chance encounters.
  • Anyone can create and enjoy art & music.
  • Art and service provide great ways to connect people.