Portable Solar Panel and Charger Review

No doubt our biggest challenge working remote is keeping all of our technology charged, especially when making our home at campgrounds. To that end, solar power has been a great asset to helping us stay charged. Today I’ll share with you our experiences with portable solar technology: what we have, how we use it, and what else I think we need to ultimately realize our goal of getting off the grid. Continue reading

Preparing for Our Working & Living Remote Launch

  • Launching
  • Pre-pay eggs at a gas station in route
  • This is Not a Toy!
  • Dinner with THE SF gang!
  • Dinner with Rod, Kathy, Luke & Mark
  • Boo & Lu!
  • Our initial launch car set up
  • Our new bicycle license plates!

Fortunately both Steve and I roll well with a bit of chaos because that is exactly what ensued after we made our decision to experiment with living and working remotely from national park areas. We made the decision on 1/31/15 and the next day both of us informed our respective housemates that we were terminating our month-to-month leases. I needed to be out of my space in 2 weeks and Steve by the end of the month. So began the quick planning and scheming. Continue reading