Over the Alps with Only Minor Mishaps

  • Evening concert in Lientz
  • Evening in Lientz
  • Wild flowers in Austia
  • Route 7 bike route to Lientz
  • Cool cycling art along Route 7
  • Cool dwelling along Rt. 7
  • Rt 7 to Lientz
  • Coming down the pass in Austria
  • Waterfall in Bad Gastien
  • Waterfall through Bad Gastein
  • Bad Gastien
  • Ride up alps
  • Steve & I in Campground near Bad Hofgastein
  • Steve with a new camping friend
  • Yard art
  • Cycle path to Bad Hofgastein
  • Cycling up the Alps


For the first time on this here cycling adventure, I bought a map. This goes to show that I was nervous about crossing the Alps. They look awfully high from a far and thought of getting turned around in them was weighing on my mind. Basically, all the cycling routes (Velo 7 and Alpe-Radweg)(http://alpe-adria-radweg.comAlpe-Radweg) take the same route from Salzburg up the Alps and begin to differ after the mountain pass.
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Twists of Fate on the Way to Salzburg

  • Bier Garden leaving Bavaria
  • Riding by typical church in Bavaria
  • Entering Austria
  • River through Salzburg
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress
  • Anita cooking knodel
  • Storm rolling over Lake Waldensee, Austria
  • Bjoern & I pre-storm
  • Salzburg
  • Rock Theater pic I found online
  • Rock theater pic from online
  • Serious Pretzel options!
  • Old city Salzburg- thought funny I caught someone doing a selfy accidentally


Beep! Just one beep marks the arrival of the bakery lady dressed in a traditional Bavarian dirndl (dress). Out the back of a little truck, she sells fresh pretzels, breads, and an amazing plum covered cake –all made with locally grown ingredients. Each morning she arrives to the campground around 8:15 am. She beeps and the line forms at her truck. I loaded up for the day and then joined my artist-cyclist friend, Hubert, for our last breakfast along side the lake and alps. Continue reading

A Bit of a Problem Getting to Austria

  • Wild Camping Near Rosenheim
  • Ducks that came to dinner
  • Lake Chiemsee
  • Dinner at Lake Cheimsee
  • Lake Cheimsee
  • New Cycling Family
  • Hubert, the artist
  • Hubert at Lake Cheimsee
  • Changing colors of Lake Cheimsee


No rain while I packed up Steel after our night of “wild” camping, but shortly thereafter it came and refused to stop. I rode into a larger town of Rosenheim at about 10 am and found refuge in a bakery. It closed at noon, but the rain continued. I circled Rosenheim and found another restaurant. Six hours later, it was still raining and I felt I had worn out my welcome in the restaurant. Surely the rain had to stop, right? Steel and I headed out, and as it turns out, in an “unanticipated direction” Continue reading

Three Special Couples on My Turn to Munich

  • Helpful Bavarian cyclist
  • Camping too close to the river
  • Followed Gus to the Lake
  • Nice breakfast!
  • Gunther's got talent!
  • Cool wood heater & cool couple!
  • Outside their cool Bavarian home
  • World Cup Game Viewing camping style
  • Cool Church in Landsberg
  • Such a cute couple!
  • The sweet flower in Steel!
  • Largest Bier Garden in Munich!
  • Riia & Elahu & the amazing risotto!
  • Cute Couple 2 in action!
  • Cycling into Munich craziness
  • Nifty Munich Home
  • Cool Couple 3: Dee & Roger!

I dig twist of fate moments in life –like when a man dressed in wonderfully humorous bavarian cycle wear stopped to ask if I needed assistance. I asked his opinion between two routes towards Munich. He suggested the one that turned out to be a beautiful ride on mostly trails through forested area and along rivers and lakes. Given my surroundings, I opted for another undesignated camping area and set up my tent as close to one can possibly get without actually being in the river. In the end, it was actually too close Continue reading

Cycling Bavaria

  • Alpine slide in Bavaria
  • Art in the rain with the cycling family
  • Alpine coaster
  • Undesignated camping
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Hohenschwangau -neighbor castle
  • Bike & Breakfast...so cool!
  • Proper German meal! Yum!
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Campground outside Fussen...so Bavarian!
  • Lake across street from campground
  • Lake at 4 star campground
  • Bavarian style home
  • Waterfall at castle

Cycling through Bavaria brings with it serious rolling “hills”, cool Bavarian style homes covered in flowers, lots of Bier (beer) gardens, cows, and random other alpine attractions like when I made a wrong turn and happened upon a cool alpine slide down the mountain (think roller-coaster with goat nibbling around it). Cycling has become popular in Germany, and well, as a result the cycle paths are great and well marked. I never turned on my gps, and even if I end up on a path different than I intended, it took me a lovely route.  It was also my first time ever seeing “Bike & Breakfast” signs, as opposed to “Bed & Breakfast”…so cool!

Liechtenstein & Heaven in Hell

  • I want this trampoline thing in my backyard:)
  • It really is big...absurd.
  • Nice little castle I passed
  • Buttering the stick bread
  • Kitten petting circle
  • New addition to my flag!
  • Mr. I...owner of Ferienhof Maurus camping
  • Camping heaven in Hell
  • Taking turns with the goat!

Ulla is originally from Austria and has many great bicycle adventures under her belt, so she was a great person to get advice from for my next route. She turned me onto the Bodensee-Konigsee Cycling route through Bavaria, Germany. But first, I wanted to make a quick stop in Liechtenstein. It’s the little country squeezed between Switzerland, Continue reading

I Now Have Homemade Plum Jam to Share!

  • Hail storm in Switzerland!
  • Hail...not flowers!
  • This goat came to say
  • Dinner with Andre & Anna-Barbara
  • Awesome Swiss hosts Anna-Barbara & Andre
  • Nice bicycle tour guide that got me back on track
  • Heading into bicycle tunnel at Lake Walensee
  • Inside bicycle tunnel in Switzerland
  • The homemade strawberry rhubarb tort! Amazing!
  • Lake Walensee, Switzerland
  • I drank lots of water cause I always found more fountains to refill
  • More wonderful drinking fountains
  • Switzerland's amazing sign posting!  All routes lead to fun!
  • View from inside castle grounds
  • Ulla out front the Castle hosting the flower festival
  • Cycling Switzerland countryside
  • Fresh flower festival creations
  • Grounds inside the castle
  • Ulla inside the flower festival
  • The Swiss love nomes in their gardens!
  • Beautiful View from Ulla's home...her garden and the Alps
  • Ulla and some other cool gals

I felt rather high leaving Basel after my nice experiences there and with Olivier. I was invited to stay with another Warm Shower’s host, and his girlfriend that evening in the town of Dietikon. It turned out to be another one of those crazy 90+ degree days and I got started late. I was not on the road until 11 am. Despite the frustrating gps route, I cycled through pretty Swiss towns and country sides. One of my favorite things about cycling through Switzerland Continue reading

Exploring My Roots

  • Camping in Basel after the chaos left
  • Imagine Music Festival in Basel, Switzerland
  • Imagine Music Festival in Basel
  • Finally found a thrift store in Basel
  • Above Rathaus entrance in Basel
  • Entrance to Rathaus (town hall ) in Basel
  • Steel & I researching at Rathaus in Basel
  • Rottelin Castle, Lorrach
  • Rotteln Castle, Lorrach, Germany
  • Stage in Rottelin Castle, Lorrach, Germany
  • View from Rottelin Burg (Castle), Germany
  • Love love love this car!!
  • Olivier's cool home and books of his cycling adventures!  I dig functional decorating with a bike!
  • Typical BBQ along Rhine River in Basel
  • Olivier helping me plan my Swiss Alps route
  • Rhine River at night in Basel
  • Floating down the Rhine with their clothes in waterproof bags
  • Sculpture on my ride home from Lorrach, Germany
  • People floating with waterproof bags down the Rhine River in Basel


I arrived in Basel, Switzerland on a Saturday, and opted to go there because it was where I thought my Grandfather (Grandpa Ley) on my mom’s side was from. Basel immediately had a different feel than France. No more scarfs. People passed by and say hello. I found myself in Basel on a record breaking hot holiday weekend. I hunkered down at a campground about a 40 min cycle east of Basel. I have never experienced a campground that crowded. The owner squeezed me in literally 2 feet from the Rhine River, and I was surround Continue reading

A Slight Detour

  • Alps in La Crusaz, France
  • Paragliding launch above Lake Annecy, France
  • All paddle boats should have slides, no?
  • Sculptures at Olympic Village in Ouchy, Switzerland
  • Sculptures at Olympic Village in Ouchy, Switzerland
  • Sculptures at Olympic Village in Ouchy, Switzerland
  • Bicycle flag ideas??  Lake Lucerne, Ouchy, Switzerland
  • Lake Lucerne in Ouchy, Switzerland
  • View to Susa, Italy
  • View to Lake Annecy, France
  • Waterfall hike around Lake Annecy, France
  • Steel enjoying Lake Annecy
  • Paragliding over Lake Annecy, France
  • Paragliding over Lake Annecy, France
  • Paragliding in the French Alps
  • Paragliding in the French Alps above Lake Annecy
  • Paragliding in the French Alps above Lake Annecy
  • Paragliding in the French Alps
  • Tandem paraglide ride in France
  • Tandem paraglide ride in France
  • View to Lake Annecy, France
  • Paragliding above Lake Annecy
  • Launching on tandem paraglide ride
  • Amazing French Goodies!
  • Steel & I loved this bicycle!
  • Perhaps a new look for women's cycling gear??

So where have Steel and I been for about 10 days? Well sometimes crazy things happen when an adventurous sort meets up with another one. For the sake of animinity, I’ll call my “love” interest Joe. I was turned on to Joe for all the right reasons. He liked my project and I liked all of his. I respected and still do how he operates in the world. He’s got great ideas and executes on them, and facilitates others. He’s a connector and a facilitator and he became a supporter of me and my projects. For all this I am thankful, even if we ultimately go our separate ways. Continue reading

Rain, Rain, Rain…& Brain?!


I was up and on the road by 8:30 a.m, and by late morning I found a “tabac” (the places in France that are open early where you go for a a drink, coffee or otherwise, and to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets, and to say “hello” to your friends) to duck into from the rain and get a coffee.  You see…I need this coffee habit if only to warm myself!  As an aside, thumbs up on Continue reading